Notice of order delays in May

Notice of order delays in May

For some orders around this period and delivery information still haven’t updated.

We asked shipping company, the official explanation from shipping company:

The flight is informed to stop operation , When the goods has been already arrive to airline company.

So a lot of goods get to stuck in the warehouse from the airline company.

The flights are informed to stop operation when the goods has been already arrived to the airline company. So a lot goods got stuck in the airline warehouse.

Because of this operation, the goods has been stucked previous stay back inside of the warehouse, the more recent goods are closer to the front of the warehouse.

So when airline company restart to work , they will first ship the recent goods , those front part of their warehouse.

That is why those goods has been stuck in the back of the warehouse still havent moved yet.

they just have to it wait longer, until all the goods are settled.

However now airline company is back to work , I believe the problem will be solved soon.

Regarding the logistics delay,

Pls be assured that HypeUnique always been urging and monitoring the progress of logistics update.

We feel sorry for situation like this. If your order is more than one month still hasn’t updated yet.HypeUnique team will offer 20 USD discount to express the apology to all customers.

The latest delivery efficiency is getting better ,I believe it will be back to normal soon.

Please be patient for your order , After all HypeUnique team doesn’t want to run into this kind of problem too.

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