How to Finish Payments on HypeUnque

There is no automatic payment, and placing an order does not mean that you have completed the payment. Please contact us after completing the payment manually.

1. PayPal Gift

We only accept payment through “SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS & FAMILY” or “Send a Gift“, thank you!

Your payment and privacy is 100% protected! How to Use PayPal on HypeUnique

  1. Place your order on checkout page.
  2. Check your email inbox and spam filter for payment info.
  3. Finish the payment manually on PayPal app or website.
  4. Contact us by email or whatsapp to provide proof of payment and order number.
  5. We will process your order when confirmed payment. (On-hold orders will be kept for a week)

The reason why only accept payments without purchase protection, to avoid malicious use of purchase protection to fraud by report our website or any type of likely behaviours. Once it happens, we reserve the right to take any action to recover the loss.

2. BitCoin

How to order with BTC

1. Place your order on our website. You will get an order number.

2. Use Coinbase website/app or any other BTC trade app, log in or register your account.

3. Fund your BTC wallet via credit card, debit card or other support payment methods.

4. Send the corresponding amount funds to our BTC wallet which displayed after your order placed.

5. Send the proof of payment(such as screenshot) and order number to us by WhatsApp or Email.

6. We will confirm your order within 8 hours.

3. WISE(Former Transwise)

How to Use Transferwise on HypeUnique 

Please contact us for information.


Check How to pay with Western Union

How to order with western union

  1. Place your order on our site, select western union, continue checkout, and confirm the order. Then you will have your order number.
  2. Contact us with your order number and get the recipient’s information required by Western Union.
  3. After you send money as cash pickup or bank transfer, send us the MTCN number so we can accept and confirm.
  4. Once confirmed payment, you will receive a notification email of the order status is processing.

5. Pay through Credit Card or Debit Card manually

Don’t have any of the above 4? Simply contact us and leave an email address after placed your order, we will send a PayPal request and you can pay without register through the link in email. Only requires a credit card or debit card.

Contact Us

If you want to use other payment methods please contact us for more information.

WhatsApp: +1 (224) 225-9701


Check FAQ page and Terms of Use page for more useful info before purchase.